Supply Chain

Supplier Code of Conduct

Meiji America Inc. and all its wholly-owned subsidiaries establish the following Supplier guidelines to be maintained throughout the duration of any supply relationship with Meiji America Inc. Meiji America Inc. strives to conduct business in the highest standards possible; we believe it is paramount to maintain sound integrity and ethical behavior at all times. We further believe supplier performance and their social responsibility is a direct public reflection upon our brands and employees. As such, Meiji America Inc. expects our suppliers uphold the same level of standards and ethical behaviors while lawfully conducting their business.

This Code of Conduct, while not exhaustive, specifically covers the following areas of concern:

Legal Compliance
• Suppliers must abide by all local, federal, and (if applicable) international laws and regulations.

Business Ethics
• Meiji America Inc. expects suppliers to maintain exemplary business ethics in all dealings. Parties should be aware of legal conditions of the contracts being executed at all times and uphold high standards in all business trade.

Labor Laws and Ethics
• Suppliers must exhibit practices to protect their employees from harassment, bribery, coercion, and threats of physical violence.
• Suppliers must exhibit and ensure no human trafficking, slave labor, forced labor, or child labor practices are engaged within their business and to a reasonable extent ensure these same practices are not present in their direct supply chain. Regarding child labor, the term ‘child’ is defined as a person under the age of 15 (or 14 where applicable law permits). Suppliers must abide by all enforceable local and national non-discrimination laws, and provide compensation to all employees including regular wages and legally mandated benefits.
• Suppliers will avoid illegal immigrant hiring through reviewing relevant documents only allowing the hiring of workers with a legal right to work.

Workplace Food Safety, Employee Safety, and the Environment
• Suppliers must exhibit practices and documented procedures to protect all employee and food concerns at all times. Our suppliers must provide a safe and healthy working environment protecting the people and products at all times.
• Meiji America Inc. expects suppliers to meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and strive to continually improve their environmental performance through resource conservation, waste minimization, water and energy efficiency and effective use of raw materials.

Meiji America Inc. interest in protecting our people, products, and profits require maintenance of the following parameters to ensure the Supplier Code of Conduct is being met:

• Suppliers must maintain relevant documents and practices to exhibit compliance to this Code of Conduct.
• Meiji America Inc. and/or its designated agents maintains the right to take certain actions such as plant inspections or documentation reviews to ensure this Code of Conduct is being maintained.

Labor compliance survey
• Meiji America Inc. will from time to time survey suppliers requesting a statement detailing the Supplier’s stance and practices to prevent human trafficking and slave labor.
• Suppliers will be requested from time to time to certify their goods incorporated into our products comply with the laws addressing human trafficking and slavery of the country or countries where the suppliers do business.

Meiji America Inc. aims to maintain a culture of integrity and excellence through our people, our products and our practices as a company. To that extent we have internal measures in place to ensure our employees and contractors maintain compliance and behaviors consistent to our Supplier Code of Contact. Furthermore we are committed to internal training of our Purchasing professionals on all matters addressed within this Supplier Code of Conduct.