Whether you’re on the go or packing a lunch for the kids, Meiji America Inc. has your snack solution with the new Meiji Hello Panda™ Chocolate 12 Pack. The updated packaging has 12 delicious .75oz bags of Meiji®’s crunchy, chocolate crème-filled cookie.

With lively and sporty pandas illustrated on each cookie, the portion-controlled bags make for a fun and accessible treat for the whole family. These pandas are also mess free with a crunchy cookie encasing a velvety and delectable chocolate crème. Great for lunches, after-school snacks, and field trips, it provides a tasty, fun option that contains no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or colors.

“We’re excited to round out our supermarket Hello Panda resealable pouch assortment with this new Hello Panda 12 pack,” said Ken Vlazny, Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing at Meiji America Inc. “Each bag contains only 110 calories and is peanut free making it perfect for school lunches.”

In supermarkets, the 12 Pack joins the company of popular Meiji items like the Meiji Hello Panda 7oz Pouch and the Meiji Hello Panda 2.2oz Bag. Its rectangular design displays all 32 spirited panda characters on the side of the box making it a vibrant and fun addition to the family pantry.

The 12 Pack will debut at participating retailers throughout the year. 


The Meiji Group, founded in Japan in 1916, provides customers of all ages from infants to seniors with a wide range of products to support healthy and fulfilling lives. From delicious confectioneries and wholesome dairy products to body-enhancing nutrition supplements and vital pharmaceuticals, we make people’s wellness our main mission.

Meiji America Inc., founded in 2011 as the North American division, manufactures a variety of unique confectioneries and snacks in the U.S.  Meiji® is best known for its MEIJI HELLO PANDA™, YAN YAN™ and CHOCOROOMS® brands in the U.S. and Canada. These fun, interactive snacks can be found in grocery, club, specialty, or convenience stores.

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May 10, 2023