Sometimes it’s not the most complex flavor you crave, sometimes the simple sweetness of a tried-and-true flavor like vanilla hits the spot. With a cracker crunch and smooth vanilla crème, Meiji America Inc.’s new Meiji Hello Panda™ Vanilla 2.2 oz bag is here to answer your sweet tooth’s comfort-flavor craving.

Since the 1990s, Meiji Hello Panda Vanilla has been a beloved flavor in the Meiji® snack family. Each cookie is bite-sized with a modern and spirited panda on the front making it a playful, fun snack kids love. The crunchy cookie shell completely envelopes delicious, soft vanilla crème, creating a mess-free, stress-free snacking experience. Containing no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, or peanuts, these tasty pandas are a great snack to share with the little ones or enjoy on your own.

“The 2.2oz bag has seen great success in meeting consumer’s snacking needs and increasing distribution of Meiji Hello Panda, so I am delighted to finally complete the flavor assortment with this introduction of vanilla,” said Geoffrey Guilfoile, Brand Manager at Meiji America Inc. In addition to vanilla, Meiji also has the 2.2 oz bag in chocolate, caramel, and strawberry flavors.

The 2.2 oz pillow-like packaging stands out with sky-blue accents and the brand’s signature, sporty pandas. It’s an accessible, portable size that’s easy to slip into a purse or backpack; the two servings within the bag also allow you to snack now and save some for later.

You can find the Meiji Hello Panda Vanilla 2.2 oz bag at participating retailers.


The Meiji Group, founded in Japan in 1916, provides customers of all ages from infants to seniors with a wide range of products to support healthy and fulfilling lives. From delicious confectioneries and wholesome dairy products to body-enhancing nutrition supplements and vital pharmaceuticals, we make people’s wellness our main mission.

Meiji America Inc., founded in 2011 as the North American division, manufactures a variety of unique confectioneries and snacks in the U.S.  Meiji® is best known for its MEIJI HELLO PANDA™, YAN YAN™ and CHOCOROOMS® brands in the U.S. and Canada. These fun, interactive snacks can be found in grocery, club, specialty, or convenience stores.

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Meiji America Inc. | Mei Makino


May 10, 2023